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Jamie died from Severe Myocarditis, but was a seemingly fit and healthy 13 year old boy. This page tells you what his parents and older brother are doing in his memory. The fund logo is a recreation of Jamie's unique signature and is therefore very personal to the family. It is trademarked and should not be used without permission from the family.

What is the “Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund”?

There is no specific charity called the Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund. It is simply a name used in memory of Jamie when linking up with established charities. In other words it has no Charity Number or Bank Account. All donations are sent to the relevant charity being supported in Jamie’s memory.

Who does the “Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund” support and why?

Jamie sadly passed away on 14th March 2015. His Dad found him lifeless in his bed on that Saturday morning and called for assistance from the Ambulance Service immediately.

The team of Paramedics worked on Jamie for quite some time before transferring him to the ambulance and off to hospital. Sadly, neither they, nor the doctors at the hospital were able to resuscitate him. Jamie had died in his sleep and, perhaps thankfully, would have known nothing about it.

The paramedics and local hospital were extremely supportive and it was with this in mind that early fundraising was directed towards Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charitable Fund in recognition of all that they had done to try and help Jamie.

When Jamie died, the family researched Severe Myocarditis (the cause of death) and tried to establish where they could find good, reliable information. It was then that they came across Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). The facts were horrifying – at least 12 young people a week die from undetected heart problems. 80% have no prior symptoms.

As you can imagine, the initial period after Jamie’s death produced a huge quantity of donations and the majority of this was directed to CRY. This in turn has enabled the family to book and run heart screening sessions for young people through the CRY screening programme. Search: #testmyheart

About 12 months after Jamie died his Mum spotted an article relating to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) that was specific to myocarditis. A professor at BHF was beginning a research programme into myocarditis and other related heart conditions. The family made contact and established a Gift of Hope Fund with BHF linked directly to that research.

Who knows what will come next, but one thing’s for sure, none of it would possible without the love and support of those who have donated or fundraised in Jamie’s memory.

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YSCD/SADs Statistics


young people a week die as a result of YSCD / SADS*


equates to over 624 deaths per year


have no prior symptoms