Here’s a summary of the Charity Fundraising Targets for the 5 year period to March 2020. You can click to donate directly to any of the three charities.

Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)

Financial Target: £75,000

How this will benefit the charity and the fund:

At least £5,000 will go towards CRY Core Funding. The remaining £70,000 (or more) will be spent on local heart screening sessions for young people aged 14-35. 100 people can be screened at a cost of £5,000 (previously £3,500), so our aim is to screen around 2,000 young people. The fund also allows for the purchase of equipment and funding of training or research.

Donations to date (2015-2018): £89,675
Screenings funded so far (2016/2017): £21,910 (626 people)
Future Screenings now booked (2018/2019): £28,000 (800 people)
Future Screenings yet to book (2020/2021): £20,000 (400 people)

Click here to donate: Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund at CRY

British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Financial Target: £25,000

How this will benefit the charity and the fund:

The full £25,000 will go towards the research programme and enable Professor Marelli-Berg to continue her investigation into Myocarditis and heart inflammation issues, hopefully finding out some of the reasons of the causes of viral myocarditis.

Donations to date: £18,842

Click here to donate: Jamie's Gift of Hope Fund at BHF

Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charitable Fund (YASCF)

Donations to date: £6,850

All future donations will be used by YASCF as set out on their website. The family has donated and been involved in the installation of three defibrillators in their local village since Jamie died. One of these was match funded by YASCF.

Click here for information about the charity and how to donate: YASCF Information

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